Open houses are also a great way for buyers to quickly learn a lot about a home. The house may be staged to look like a decor dream, but do not let that distract you from the real reason you’re there; to potentially buy a home. When a buyer is at a potential future home, they need to make sure to look past the tidy house and beautifully staged furniture. You, as the buyer need to focus solely on whether the house would be a good fit for you.

Every home is going to have some wear and tear. However, here are somethings you want to keep top of mind while at an open house: 

Electrical outlets Check to see that there are enough outlets for the electronics and appliances you’ll be using. If there isn’t, decide if that is a renovation you are willing to take on.

Under the Rugs Is there a hardwood floor underneath the rugs? If the home’s hardwood floors are hidden under layers of rugs, the owner might be trying to hide some damage. If you can, lift up the rug to check out what is underneath. 

Storage Space  Storage is important to pay attention to. Unless you are ready to downsize and declutter, check to see if there is enough closet space to fit your needs. 

Open houses can help a buyer determine what they really want in their home, and what they don’t. This list isn’t all-inclusive, but it is a good place to start. Talk to a Century 21 Preferred Agent to see what he or she might add.